One of our newest chapters, the MEDLIFE Inter Aguadilla chapter, is already making waves in the MEDLIFE community. Within their first year, this group of motivated students hosted their first annual MEDtalk event, which was attended by MEDLIFE students from all over Puerto Rico. Let's see what the Inter Aguadilla group has planned for this next academic year.


When and how did your chapter begin? What strategies did you use to promote MEDLIFE on campus? 

MEDLIFE Inter Aguadilla started around one year ago when two friends got together and started talking about their passion for travel and helping people in need. These two people immediately began communicating with their circle of close friends and discussed the possibility of opening an organization on campus. They mentioned MEDLIFE and everything the organization accomplishes in the global community. Once all of the involved people were informed about the organization, they decided to take the plunge and begin the process for accreditation with the university; the MEDLIFE Inter Aguadilla has existed ever since then.

Once the chapter was made official, we began recruiting people to join through meetings in which we presented about MEDLIFE with videos, photos and information. We also promoted on bulletin boards. Similarly, we incorporated social media promotion, creating groups of conversations so they could carry the message more directly. We made all of our application forms electronic to create an easier process. Another way we promoted was by utilizing the digital bulletin boards that publish information on activities and events. We are currently working to develop new ways to communicate and attract students to be part of the best organization out there.


What process does a new member go through once part of the chapter?

All students interested in being part of the MEDLIFE Inter Aguadilla chapter must fill out our online registration. Once the application is received, the students are contacted so they can be provided with more information, and have any doubts or questions they may have clarified before eventually joining the chapter.

To make the membership official, we hold an initiation ceremony at the end of the academic year where members are recognized in front of their families and guests they have worked with while serving the chapter. During this activity, we acknowledge everyone's' hard work, and at the end of the ceremony, there is a reception where everyone celebrates their accomplishments.

What activities do you organize to keep your members interested throughout the year? 

MEDLIFE Inter Aguadilla focuses on community service work. Each academic semester we organize a minimum of one event or activity in which we help a community we elected to serve. We have participated in many activities and impacted various groups of people in need, such as the homeless or people with few food and clothing resources.

We also hold social chapter-wide activities. Just recently we had the opportunity to visit the Center for the Conservation of Manatees in Puerto Rico.  During this event, we donated food and basic necessities that the center does not have access to, as all of their employees are volunteer workers. The event was a very successful outing! We enjoyed the opportunity to bond with other member and develop the qualities and values that each MEDLIFE member possesses.

Additionally, on April 16, 2015, MEDLIFE Inter Aguadilla hosted our first annual MED Talk conference which was attended by the majority of MEDLIFE chapters and Puerto Rico. The goal of this event was, in addition to speaking on common themes, be able to share and meeting other people who work for the same purpose as us.


What are your goals as a chapter for this academic year (2015-2016)?

  • -       One of our goals for the 2015-2016 academic year is to travel on our first mobile clinic.
  • -       Expand the member base and implement programs with high schools to prepare students who will be coming to college to learn about and eventually join MEDLIFE.
  • -       Increase our membership.
  • -       Continue working on community service events and impacting more people.
  • -       Assist in the opening of more MEDLIFE chapters.
  • -       Develop an assembly in which all chapters in the region or area attend and work together on a specific project that benefits the local and international community.

MEDLIFE Inter Aguadilla undoubtedly has an array of leaders who are passionate about medicine, education, and development, and even though we are still in the development stage, we continue to position ourselves as a strong and efficient chapter that helps those in need.


April 10, 2015 11:01 am

50:50 CAMPAIGN SPOTLIGHT: Carly Epstein

Written by Rosali Vela


Carly Epstein from the University of Delaware fundraised $3,700 before her MEDLIFE trip to Cusco, Peru in the Spring of 2015. Fifty percent of the money she raised went towards the cost of her participation fee and the other fifty percent will be put towards supporting MEDLIFE's work prodiving healthcare to communities in need.Thank you for your hard work, Carly!

How did you hear about the 50:50 campaign?

I received an email from my school about the MEDLIFE trip. I decided I wanted to go on the trip and volunteer, and then I began raising money for the 5050 campaign!

How long was your campaign?

I started campaigning about three weeks before my trip.

What did you do to be most successful during the fundraising process?

To be most successful, I wrote a small little blurb about what I was doing, why I was doing it and why it meant a lot to me. I posted this on Facebook and sent out a few email. My mother and father actually helped me as well.

Did you encounter any obstacles in the process? How did you overcome them?

The only obstacle I had was just getting (the message) out there and explaining what this trip was about. But I think once I was able to write down my feelings about it, I was able to get peoples' attention and they were able to contribute and help me raise money for the campaign.

How was organizing a 50:50 campaign a positive experience?

It was really rewarding being able to see the money go up as the time went on. It meant a lot to me that people cared about my purpose and this cause. It actually has been a very positive experience for me.

How do you feel about the impact you have made raising money to support people like the ones you are working with on this trip?

I think that the impact is huge to be able to donate this money towards such an important cause. To deliver health care to people who don't have the opportunity to go to the doctor, have a visit, and be taken care of.

Do you have any advice for other students considering 50:50 campaigns?

Its definitely important to make it personal, to say what you feel about it and why its important to you. I think that's what worked best for me and I think people can feel that; they feel it through your words. That would be my advice for other students J.


March 11, 2015 9:07 am


Written by Rosali Vela

Lauren Britt from the University of Michigan completely covered the cost of her participation fee for her MEDLIFE Mobile Clinic in Lima, Peru by simply organizing a successful 5050 campaign. In no time, Lauren's strategy for her campaign and the generous contribution of friends and family earned over $2,000! Her campaign was straightforward and allowed her to have an amazing trip experience in Lima. Find out more about the 50:50 campaign here.


How did you hear about the 5050 campaign?
I heard about the opportunity to organize a 5050 campaign through the chapter at my university, through emails and from the MEDLIFE website.
How did you fundraise for your campaign?
Basically to raise money and put my campaign out there, I just posted it on my social media accounts and emailed to reach out to friends and family.
Do you have any recommendations for people considering a 5050 campaign?
For people considering organizing a 5050 campaign, I would just say, don't hold back! Send it to everyone. You'd be surprised at the people who you are not really in touch with but who want to help out and help fund your trip because. I mean, some people I haven't talked to since middle school donated to my campaign!
What was your experience organizing a 5050 campaign?
The campaign was super easy and really accessible. All I really had to do was upload a picture of myself and change the formulated message to make it a little more personal. I kept checking and every day I kept getting more and more donations. I was awesome!
How has your mobile clinic experience been so far?
So far it's been incredible here in Lima. I wasn't very involved in my chapter at school, but after this trip I think I'm going to be more present in the group.
What has your most memorable experience been with MEDLIFE so far?
So far the tour of Pamplona Alta was the most eye-opening and inspiring part of the experience because it showed us where we're doing work throughout the week.

MEDLIFE is known for its volunteer trips, where students dedicated to public health and social justice journey across the globe to provide essential services to communities and individuals in need. It is also within MEDLIFE's mission to expand chapter members' educational opportunities, enabling them to gain exposure to the ideas and opinions of professionals and academics across disciplines related to Medicine, Education, and Development. A MEDLIFE member does not need to travel across the world to be introduced to new concepts or have their perspective on the world altered. They need only organize or attend a M.E.D. Talk.

M.E.D. Talks are MEDLIFE's take on TED Talks. TED Talks take the best and brightest of their fields and give them center stage to share their ideas about Technology, Education, and Design with the world. Hundreds of speakers from across the globe have exchanged ideas, innovations, and initiatives that will change the way the world approaches challenges in the years to come. Each speaker bears their own perspectives on and solutions to problems the world faces, ready to discuss and debate the merits and shortcomings of each idea before them. Goals for change are stated, debated upon and altered. Above all, ideas are put forth for others to hear. A forum for discussing global issues enables, enlightens, and engages its participants and presenters alike. MED Talks do the same, however they take on the topics of Medicine, Education and Development and their numerous complexities.


Though it may be years before they will be on the TED stage themselves, MEDLIFE students from across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico come together every semester at their respective educational institutions to discuss topics relating to Medicine, Education, and Development. Future doctors, engineers, nurses, teachers, community organizers, medical technicians, public health specialists and more collaborate to create forums for the exchange of ideas. Members of each chapter get a chance to interact with other attendees before listening to and engaging with professors and professionals from their universities and local communities. The goal of each M.E.D. Talk is to facilitate students' professional and personal development by increasing their access to today's specialists for the betterment of tomorrow.

During the Fall 2014 semester, MEDLIFE Chapters at Dartmouth College, MIT, and McGill University hosted their own compelling M.E.D. Talks that ranged in topics from alternative engineering methods in impoverished communities to the global response to the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa. Here are summaries of their M.E.D. Talks, each successful in their own rights. They differed in size and execution, but the purpose and outcome was the same:

Dartmouth College

Ebola continues to plague Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea and poses a threat to the global community if effective treatment and prevention methods are not employed. With the hemorrhagic fever on everyone's mind, MEDLIFE Dartmouth, in partnership with another campus global health organization, brought in Patrice Juah, a Liberian activist, to talk about her firsthand experience as a member of an Ebola-stricken community. Ms. Juah was a member of the Young African Leaders Initiative that placed her in residence at Dartmouth for the summer of 2014. During her talk, Ms. Juah discussed her reaction to the outbreak—which escalated drastically during her absence—upon her return home, as well as the obstacles she faced when returning to the United States. Fueled by a combination of personal loss and an overwhelming sense of a gap in education for the Liberian population about how to prevent the spread of the disease, Ms. Juah helped launch the Martha Juah Education Fund. She discussed the initiative of the organization—it aims to educate students in the face of school closures—as well as the challenges the organization faced in coordinating its efforts. Ms. Juah also discussed her work with the Arterial Network, which focuses on the cultural impacts of Ebola. Its goals are to distinguish the region's identity from the disease that has captured the globe's attention through the power of artistic expression.



The MIT MEDLIFE Chapter hosted Professor Libby Hsu for their M.E.D. Talk in the fall. Prof. Hsu discussed her work in impoverished communities in Nepal and El Salvador. A member of D-Lab, a developmental laboratory devoted to creating and disseminating beneficial technologies for impoverished communities, Prof. Hsu's talk revolved around her most recent work developing sustainable sanitation methods in El Salvador. The discussion expanded during the question and answer period to include the ways in which communication is critical to facilitating developmental work and Prof. Hsu's experiences in Nepal developing concrete mixtures that are effective, affordable, and accessible.

McGill University


Credit for the establishment of M.E.D. Talks goes to McGill University. The McGill University MEDLIFE Chapter hosted the first M.E.D. Talk in the fall of 2013 and continued their tradition of excellence this past fall with a four-speaker series entitled “Healthcare in Marginalized Communities.” One of the many distinguished speakers at their conference was Dr. Colin Chapman, a Killam Research Fellow at McGill University and a member of the Royal Society of Canada. Dr. Chapman discussed his work with primates in Kibale National Park, Uganda and the challenges of balancing primate conservation in the face of the continual expansion of the local human population.

Another speaker that presented was Dr. Joyce Pickering, the Vice Chair for Education in McGill University's Department of Medicine and a general internist. She talked about her work in international health and disease prevention, including current challenges facing the global community and the steps necessary to predict and respond to global disease outbreaks. Dr. Joyce was joined by Kalia De Boer, a mental health specialist and addiction counselor who worked for several years in the Inuit community of Hopedale, in Labrador, Canada.

347-4-McGill-MedTalkMs. De Boer described her experience being embedded in an isolated community of approximately 550 people and the obstacles an outsider must overcome when trying to help a community with their most intimate and sensitive problems. The final speaker included in the conference was Helen Hsu, the founder of MEDLIFE McGill and a veteran of the efforts to undue cuts in federal healthcare for people of refugee status in Canada. She discussed the unique vulnerabilities that immigrants and refugees are confronted with once they have fled to Canada. 

These pioneering M.E.D. talks are just a few examples of what MEDLIFE chapters across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico are currently planning and organizing.  No matter the theme or the size of the event, students and MEDLIFE members are expanding the realm of discourse about Medicine, Education, and Development at their schools.

January 20, 2015 10:37 am

50:50 CAMPAIGN SPOTLIGHT: Wesley Tomlinson

Written by Rosali Vela

Read about one of our volunteer's experience organizing a highly successful 50:50 campaign for her trip to Lima, Peru! Find out more about the 50:50 campaign here.


Name: Wesley Tomlinson

Amount raised: $1300

Are you a MEDLIFE chapter member?

I'm not actually in a MEDLIFE chapter. I decided to come alone with my best friend from med school. We both go into different universities so we thought it would be an amazing experience to meet up half way around the world to partake in a volunteer trip.

How did you hear about the 50:50 campaign and why did you decided to organize one?

It was on the website when i signed up to MEDLIFE. My sister who had previously been on a volunteer trip told me all about it. After reading up the benefits of the campaign on the website I knew thye campaign was for me. It became a clear decision once i knew that half of the money i raised would go towards funding my trip and the other half to helping out the community that I wanted to volunteer for.

How long before your trip did you start and finish?

I only started my campaign in October. I remember only having 60 days left until Lima, only starting the campaign a month or so before my trip. It was at this point that I started posting on social media websites and sending out e-mails. I was very lucky to have friends and family who would share my link to the page.

What did you do to be most successful with your judgment when you fundraised? Did you encounter any obstacles in the process and how did you over come that?

I tried to reach out to as many different people as possible, to see if they would be willing to donate. I was stunned with the feedback that i received, as everyone I reached out to were very supportive, financially and verbally. However, I did encounter a few obstacles. Some people chose not to respond to me, some people just ignored my requests, but you have to take these experiences on the chin and keep up the momentum.

What advice would you give to others who want to start their own campaign?

I would say just go for it! Even if you are worried about not raising any money, it can't hurt to try. You have to think and stay positive!

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