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About This Location

With a population of 9 million, Lima is the fourth-largest city in the Americas, and one of the most important financial centers in Latin America. As a tourist destination, it is famous for its diverse gastronomy, historic cultural sites, and nightlife.

Why You Should Come

Lima is also home to extreme poverty, especially in the densely populated settlements on its outskirts. These areas, known as “pueblos jovenes,” have grown rapidly in recent years, as people migrated from the rural Peru to Lima in search of economic opportunity and an escape from the instability and violence of the 1980s. People also continue to migrate to Lima from rural areas of Peru in search of better access to basic services -- such as healthcare, education, and work opportunities -- that are often limited or completely absent in their home communities. While some of the older settlements have in time become incorporated into the rest of Lima, the rapid and continued population growth in these areas has left many communities plagued by low wages, high unemployment, and a lack of attention from the state.

How You Can Help

Since 2010, MEDLIFE's work in Lima has focused primarily on a set of communities known as "Cono Sur" (Southern Lima), where almost 1 million people live in conditions of extreme poverty. These communities consist of small shacks, often made of reed mats or plywood and built into the treacherous rocky hillsides around Lima. Most of these communities lack access to water and electricity. MEDLIFE addresses some of the most pressing issues in these communities through Mobile Clinics and community development projects.

At the moment there are Mobile Clinics and Development Corps available for Lima. See an example of Mobile Clinic itinerary* below:


*Each Mobile Clinic team will be divided into four different groups; groups will rotate stations throughout the week.

Some Extra Activities

Paracas & Ica Tour!
See penguins and sea lions on the Ballestas Islands, and explore the Peruvian desert while having fun sandboarding and riding the buggies. Then visit the traditional vineyards for some wine and pisco. 
Lima City Tour
This tour will depart from your hotel in Miraflores and continue on to its first stop: the Huaca Pucllana ruins, a large collection of ancient buildings and a pyramid. Your tour will then continue downtown to the historical center to explore colonial palaces, churches, and squares.
Bike Tours (Central Lima or Lima's Coast)
These two bike tours bring you through Lima's diverse districts: one into the heart of Lima's urban center and the other along Lima's beautifully cascading coast.
Pachacamac Tour
A visit to Pachacamac is a great way to get a see the countryside, as the site is just a stone's throw away from Peru's capital city. The tour kicks off with a short drive south along the Pan American highway to visit a group of pyramidal ruins.