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Why Development?

Of the 27 million people living in Peru, more than half of the population lives in poverty, and approximately ¼ survives on just $1.00 a day. Many have migrated from rural and Andean regions in search of economic opportunities, leading to rapid population growth in Peru's cities. This mass migration and the resulting overpopulation lead to the creation of urban slums outside of larger cities like Lima. These pueblos j'venes, or "young towns", have expanded rapidly into tracts of invaded land that largely lack basic services such as waste management, electricity, and access to running water.

In rural communities, such as those we work with in Ecuador, residents face difficulties due to geographic isolation and unequal allocation of resources. A lack of education and economic opportunities contributes to rural poverty and also encourages migration. Only 14% of the rural population in Ecuador has access to proper sanitation. 

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  Our Approach

For the past several years, MEDLIFE has been working to provide community development projects to urban slums outside of Lima (Peru) and Managua (Nicaragua) as well as rural areas of Cuzco (Peru), Tena (Ecuador), Esmeraldas (Ecuador), Riobamba (Ecuador) and Kilimanjaro (Tanzania).

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The MEDLIFE Project Fund

All public donations and funds raised by MEDLIFE chapters go towards the MEDLIFE Project Fund. 100% of donations are used in the construction of community development projects like staircases, schools, and safe homes.

These projects promote access to basic necessities and skills enabling poor individuals and families to free themselves from the constraints of poverty and promoting better health, education, and personal development.

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 Community Development
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Meet Union Santa Fe

Since 2010 we have carried out more than 15 Mobile Clinics in the community of Unión Santa Fe in Lima, Peru. We also had two community residents go through our patient follow-up program: Luisa Palomino, who was treated for rheumatism, and Rosa Elvira Roja, who was treated for an abnormal Pap smear result. Both patients are now healthy. 

MEDLIFE constructed 10 staircase projects, 1 road1 daycare center, and supported their access to a public light system and water. 

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Meet Valle Alto

MEDLIFE has brought three Mobile Clinics to the community of Valle Alto, located in Riobamba, Ecuador. During the first Mobile Clinic, located at a small school, MEDLIFE learned about the community's need for bathrooms and a second school room for its students. We are also currently conducting patient follow-up with one Valle Alto community member Alex Chafla

MEDLIFE constructed 1 hygiene project (3 new restrooms) and 1 new classroom for the local school.

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