Items to Donate


Donations for Mobile Clinics

Many of the medical supplies used at mobile clinics are donated by student volunteers. We encourage volunteers to plan ahead for their MEDLIFE mobile clinic by collecting supplies that the communities they serve might need. If you or someone from your chapter is signed up for a mobile clinic, consider bringing along some of the items listed below.

Check the list of specific donations for Lima, Cusco, Ecuador and Tanzania.


General Supplies
 Hand Sanitizer Nitrile Exam Gloves 
Dental Supplies
Children’s toothpaste Children’s toothbrushes
 Acetaminophen  Naproxen
Calcium Supp.  Prenatal Vitamins 
 Nix  Permethrin Cream
Blood Glucose Test Strips
Freestyle Lite  Accu-Check Compact 
Medical Equipment
 Otoscope Pulse Oximeter 
 AA  3 Volts Lithium Button

MEDLIFE is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Disclaimer: In accordance with United States tax law and regulations, a donation to the MEDLIFE Project Fund or the MEDLIFE General Fund is 100% tax-deductible by the person making the donation. Please note that donations made to the 95:5 campaign or Service Learning Trip fees are NOT tax deductible.