150k Moments

150kmoments HEADER 

Why moments of empowerment? 

This year we celebrate 15 years of MEDLIFE. 15 years of empowering low-income families across Latin America & Africa. So to celebrate, we have the goal of creating 150,000 moments of empowerment. 

What is a moment of empowerment? 

A moment of empowerment could be the moment a woman attends an educational workshop and learns to perform a self-breast exam, the first time a child uses a recently built staircase in their community to get to school, or one of the many other empowering moments that we can create together using Medicine, Education, and Development. 

How do we calculate moments of empowerment? 


  • During Mobile Clinics, each patient consultation counts as a moment of empowerment

  • For example, if 100 patients come to a Mobile Clinic but there are 150 appointments or consultations during the clinic, we count this as 150 moments of empowerment. If a patient is seen by both the OB and the dentist, that is 2 moments of empowerment. 

  • If a patient is then enrolled in our follow-up program, that counts as another moment of empowerment

Project Beneficiaries:

  • Staircases, Water Pylons, or Other Community Projects: Every member of the community where the staircase/water pylon/other project is located, is counted as a moment of empowerment. For example, if there are 500 community members in the community where we built a staircase/water pylon/other project, that is 500 moments of empowerment. If 2  staircases/water pylons/other projects are built in that same community, then that is 1,000 moments of empowerment. 

  • Home Projects: (Healthy Homes or home improvement): Each member of the family that lives in the house that is being improved counts as a moment of empowerment. If we work on a Healthy Homes stove project for a family of 5, this is 5 moments of empowerment. If we also build them a corn dryer separately, that is 10 moments of empowerment. 

  • School Project: The total number of students and teachers at the school is the number of moments of empowerment. If the school is used also for community meetings, we will count all students and teachers, as well as community members, in the total number of moments of empowerment for that project.

Educational Workshops: 

  • Each person who attends an Educational Workshop (both inside and outside of a Mobile Clinic) is counted as one moment of empowerment. Both health education and general education workshop attendees are counted. 

How can you help us reach our goal of 150k moments of empowerment? 

In order to succeed, and reach new communities both at home and abroad, we need your help growing the Movement in your local community. Reaching our 150,000 moments goal won’t be easy (what meaningful thing ever is?) so check out some ways you can get involved below: 

  • Join a Service Learning Trip: Volunteering in SLT's are the best way to support our efforts to create 150k moments of empowerment this year. Not only will you physically assist in the creation of development projects, Mobile Clinics, and educational workshops - which is hundreds of moments already - but your financial support will also fund patient and project follow-up after your trip is done, creating future moments of empowerment even after you're gone.

  • Grow the Movement (Refer a MEDLIFEr): By connecting us to new MEDLIFErs who are passionate about our mission and vision, you will be spreading the Movement and in turn helping to create future moments of empowerment. 

  • Travel with Good Life Expeditions: Our partner travel agency donates profit back to MEDLIFE. By traveling with Good Life Expeditions, your trip will help create moments of empowerment in the destinations that you visit. 

Thanks for being a part of the MEDLIFE Movement!