December 17, 2019 10:24 am

Bridging the gap between communities and high quality medical care

Written by  Ellen Hays
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Meet Roy. 

Roy is a playful 3-year-old boy living with his family in Ongoto Bajo, an impoverished community on the outskirts of Tena. Read Roy’s story to learn about how MEDLIFE fights against unequal access to high quality medical care every day. 

Access to high quality medical care in Roy’s community 

We first met Roy at one of our Mobile Clinics where we bring free, high quality medical care directly to communities who lack basic health services. Students from Universidad de Puerto Rico-Aguadilla, University of North Dakota, and Georgia State University joined us at this clinic as part of a Service Learning Trip and helped to make the clinic possible. Roy was suffering from a high fever and extreme pain in his hip at the slightest movement or touch. The pain left him unable to play, walk, or go to school and learn. 

The conditions in Roy’s community added to the challenges his family faced. Roy’s father worked hard on the farm every day to provide for his family. To make matters worse, there was limited access to high quality medical care in their community. The constraints of poverty meant that Roy’s condition continued to deteriorate, until he found MEDLIFE at one of our Mobile Clinics. 

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How MEDLIFE bridged the gap

When Roy arrived at our Mobile Clinic, our team of local nurses took immediate action and rushed him to the local hospital. After running some tests, the local medical professionals discovered that he had a critical bacterial infection in his hip. The infection had spread to his blood and was approaching his bones. Roy needed urgent surgery. Left untreated, the infection could have threatened his life. 

With the support of MEDLIFE working hand-in-hand with local medical professionals, Roy received life-changing surgery within a week. The successful surgery transformed Roy’s daily life. He is now back at school and able to enjoy being a happy, healthy kid. 

It is not uncommon for our in-country staff to face life-and-death situations like Roy’s at our Mobile Clinics. By connecting students, local services, and impoverished families, our team works to empower communities like Roy’s to overcome the constraints of poverty that make high quality medical care inaccessible. In Roy’s case, MEDLIFE bridged the gap between local medical professionals and the families of Ongoto Bajo. 

Join a Service Learning Trip to support our worldwide Movement to create a world free from the constraints of poverty, with access to high quality medical care for all! 

We’d like to thank the students from Universidad de Puerto Rico-Aguadilla, University of North Dakota, and Georgia State University for their hard work and dedication at the M40 Clinic in Tena. 

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