MEDLIFE Student Awards 2015





MEDLIFE at UGA continues to exemplify the MEDLIFE mission and to engage their general members in creative ways. This year, the chapter sent over 50 volunteers on MEDLIFE mobile clinic trips, completed over 1,200 hours of community service and fundraised over $5,000 for community development projects, specifically going towards the Abdy Ayala school bathroom in Ecuador. They hosted their first ever MEDTALK Georgia Global Health Conference in collaboration with the MEDLIFE Emory and Georgia Tech Chapters and started Family Cup, semester long competitions to facilitate bonding among Family Groups and increase chapter involvement. MEDLIFE at UGA was also recently awarded UGA's 2015 S.O.A.R (Student Organization Achievement and Recognition) Award for Organizational Improvement this past April.

Honorable Mention: Ohio State University

The Ohio State University MEDLIFE Chapter has planned three different Mobile Clinic Trips this year, each to a different country!  They have held a variety of different fundraising, service, and educational events for their members, including a 5k fundraiser,  blood drives, and a suture clinic.  They are also helping to sponsor the Galte Yaguachi school in Ecuador.  They continue to be a MEDLIFE powerhouse in the midwest!



 University of Kansas

MedLife KU began with a semester of learning experiences, but by January they were ready to roll. In just 4 months, MedLife KU sent 23 students on a mobile clinic, fundraised $520.00, served 200 hours, and added eight new E-Board members. MedLife KU has major plans for next year, including 2 MEDTALKS, 5 large-scale fundraisers, a new Points System and 2 mobile clinics.

Honorable Mention: University of Illinois-Chicago

During their first year as a chapter, MEDLIFE UIC was able to successfully organize numerous fundraisers to send 33 volunteers on their first MEDLIFE trip to Riobamba this past March.. Always looking to improve and grow, MEDLIFE UIC is an up-and-coming chapter with big plans for their trip to Moshi during winter clinics.


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Durga Kolla
Durga kick-started the University of Massachusetts chapter this year.  She sought out and developed a strong Executive Board, who collectively put in many hours coming up with volunteer sites, fundraising event ideas, planning mobile clinic trips and organizing their first-ever MEDTalk! Overall, Durga put in a lot of hard work and effort in making MEDLIFE become a part of the University of Massachusetts Amherst and looks forward to making a passion filled impact in the coming years.
Sohemi Pagan
(University of Central Florida)
Sohemi's leadership started as an Events Director at the University of Central Florida. After volunteering in clinics in Orlando and Lima, Peru, she continued to stay involved as Mobile Clinics Officer. In addition to sending 60 students on mobile clinics, she organized a campaign donating 300 supplies and collaborated with her executive board to partner with Feeding Children Everywhere to hand-deliver 600 meals to Riobamba, Ecuador this past spring break. We are excited to see what she does as UCF chapter President in the coming year!
Shayla Shoojat
(Creighton University)
Shayla has demonstrated excellent leadership skills throughout this school year, starting up a brand new chapter at Creighton.  She established her Executive Board  early on in the Fall semester and began spreading the word  about MEDLIFE to many students. By the time the Creighton MEDLIFE Chapter was officially approved by the University in January, they had strong momentum to build the chapter and coordinate their first MEDLIFE trip to Ecuador!  We look forward to Shayla continuing to grow the MEDLIFE Creighton Chapter next year!
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Zoheb Sulaiman
Zoheb became involved with MEDLIFE as a freshman at the University of Georgia. Serving as the President of MEDLIFE at UGA for the past two years, Zoheb's unwavering leadership led to huge chapter growth and impact. Along with the growth, Zoheb developed the innovative idea of ‘Family Heads' to organize and engage chapter members within a large chapter environment and helped lead clinics to Esmeraldas and Cusco. Before attending medical school in the fall, Zoheb will complete a summer internship with MEDLIFE in Lima, Peru. #MEDLOVE #TooLegitToQuit #GoDawgs
Aly Lange
(Kansas University)
Aly became involved in MEDLIFE as a freshman at University of Nebraska-Lincoln. After attending a mobile clinic in Lima, she was struck by the poverty she witnessed. After transferring to the University of Kansas, she was blessed with the opportunity to start a new chapter and serves as chapter President. This summer, she'll be a Volunteer Affairs Intern with MEDLIFE and is WAY STOKED! #RockChalk #EndPoverty



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Winona State University
On their first trip to Lima, Peru as a MEDLIFE chapter this past winter, 24 students and two faculty members from WSU MEDLIFE demonstrated their exceptional commitment towards the MEDLIFE mission. During the entire clinic week, each student exemplified  his/her willingness to engage with the community members and  facilitated daily discussions after clinic to reflect on their personal experiences. Not stopping there, this past March, five E-Board members traveled to Montreal to volunteer in the MEDLIFE Inter-Chapter Conference Competition (MICC), going home with 3rd place in the competition.
UC Berkeley's MEDLIFE Chapter is actually in charge of a four-credit course at Berkeley, that is all-about-MEDLIFE!  Students learn throughout the year about Medicine, Education, and Development.  They are also given the opportunity to learn of MEDLIFE's role in international development, while  taking language and culture classes. All of these lessons build the basis of understanding, ultimately leading to a two-week MEDLIFE Mobile Clinic trip in the Winter or the Summer. 
Honorable Mention: University of California-Los Angeles
MEDLIFE at UCLA has coordinated and volunteered in a wide variety of education-focused activities this year.  Every general meeting has a significant amount of time devoted to learning about global health,  including student-led presentations, covering a variety of topics like current events of world health, cultural sensitivity, public policy, Spanish phrases, and much more. Their Education Coordinator also creates interactive presentations and activities to spark discussion about global health with members.  They have had guest speakers come and share their expertise, and have held two symposiums at UCLA, including spearheading a MEDtalk that had 5 MEDLIFE Chapters in attendance!
MEDLIFE McGill took MEDTalks to the next level by developing, hosting, and facilitating the 1st Annual MEDLIFE Inter-Chapter Conference Competition (MICC) which included a case study competition around the theme “Unresolved Crises”. In addition, the chapter launched the “We Are Not Faceless” campaign to raise awareness for the homeless community in Montreal.
Honorable Mention: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Wisconsin MEDLIFE met with Coca-Cola representatives this past  January in Lima. Their project was aimed towards  fund a community water project in the hills of Lima, with the hopes to establish a more sustainable and sanitary water system.
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Texas A&M has been an incredibly active chapter this year.  They have had weekly volunteering through an organization called Mama's Club, in addition to volunteering their time at a Food Bank.  This chapter also planned a 5K with another organization, earning funds for MEDLIFE.  In the Spring, they sent about 20 volunteers to Lima, Peru, and will be sending another large group this Summer to Tena, Ecuador.  Overall, this is an extremely well organized chapter who did amazing on their first clinic trip.
Honorable Mention: Boston College
Boston College had their first big trip this Winter bringing thirty people to Cuzco, Peru!  They have had an active year engaging their chapter members in different activities, from fundraising to improving the chapter.   With the tireless effort from every member, Boston College was able to fully fund one of our projects, where they purchased a hearing aid for Daniel.
The UPR Mayaguez chapter is based around community service.  Every week they are doing some kind of activity focused on service.  Some of theses activities include, “Ven a Desayunar, Yo Invito”, in which they serve breakfast to homeless people, volunteering in a hospital, and volunteering in street clean-up, “Visteme Para Mi Fiesta”, where they provide prom dresses for young girls that can't afford one.
(125 volunteers)
University of Delaware
(100 volunteers)
The UC Davis chapter has lead an extremely active chapter this year, not only sending two groups of students on mobile clinic trips during the Spring and Summer, hosting a MED Talk, and volunteering in a variety of community service events, however they have truly stood out by holding multiple fundraisers throughout the year.  From a Chipotle Fundraiser and Concert Night in the Fall, of which the proceeds will be used to purchase donations for their Lima trip this Summer, to receiving a grant which will be put towards one of our Development projects, they have demonstrated true dedication to our patients and projects.  
Minnie Fu

Minnie Fu worked tirelessly to coordinate the 1st Annual MEDLIFE Inter-Chapter Conference Competition (MICC). Due to her (and many others) hard work and commitment, the successful multi-day event included delegates from eight schools across Canada and the U.S. competing in a case study competition with judges, speakers, and workshop leaders. Thank you Minnie!